Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Philosophy of Teaching Essay -- Teachers Education Essays

Philosophy of Teaching Children are not required to have real jobs, but they are required to attend school everyday. A teacher’s job is to show children how to make special use of their time and value their educational opportunities. Students do not get paid for their eight a.m. to three p.m. job, but they will be rewarded for the work that they put in. Teachers will only be truly happy and successful if they are dedicated to working hard and providing a positive attitude for their students. The real reward will be the success of their students and the growth of their knowledge of the world around them. I have observed that becoming a teacher is different from training or studying for any other job. Teachers bring their work home with them, both literally and figuratively. All teachers need to bring home papers to grade and lesson plans to work on; yet, becoming a real teacher means taking the job more seriously. Teachers are mentors who tackle little problems that a particular student faces. Teachers deal with the challenges of making lessons fun, creative, and effective. Being a compassionate, caring teacher is a difficult task because educators only have limited time to really make an impact on their students. Most classes only last about forty minutes each day. However, a teacher can make a lifelong impact on the students if he or she devotes energy and creativity for the benefit of the students. I do not think that there is any one teacher who is perf...

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