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Colleges affiliated with Granola Board. My first school was The Educators High School for Boys Cantonment Plaza Shallot where I have studied till my Matriculation. I passed my matriculation in 2011. We will write a custom essay sample on Study or any similar topic only for you Order Now I always wanted to study abroad and after a lot of research I choose Australia as my destination for further education, because Australia offers an educational experience that makes a real difference. Australia is a dynamic, vibrant country with energetic, friendly people. Multicultural Australia is English-speaking and a safe and friendly society in which students can learn and travel freely. I choose Sydney because Sydney offers a great lifestyle and high level of safety, making it the number one choice for many international students. Students who choose to study there can be sure they will find the charming combination of a laid-back yet inspirational place to study, learn, and live. I wish to study at the King’s Owns Institute of Sydney, because t offers a unique educational experience that fosters self-belief, rewards independent thought and fuels inquiring minds. Business Management provide you with both soft skills such as communication, problem solving and ethical understanding to enable you to work with people, as well as the hard skills associated with particular areas of study, including accounting, computing, economics, finance, law, management, marketing, mathematics, operations and project management. Workplace learning subjects will offer strategic and international perspectives that will prepare you for employment in regional, national and international organizations. After completing my course in Australia I have a lot of opportunities to be availed in Pakistan. I can establish my own business as well as I will devote my services to any reputed or Multinational Organization. I will be skilled enough to work in any Multinational organization as I already have the best communication skills. There is a lot which attracts me to return and render my services to any organization or to my family business. I achieved 5. 5 bands, overall in my LILTS test. I virtually have command over English language. English is the Basic need of an international student. I will be working to improve my English language and for that I first applying to PIPE (Australian Institute of Professional Education) in PUPAE-English for Academic Purposes course. Pakistan is my final destination since I have my community and family lives here. I am only allowed to study abroad and then I have to come back and live In Pakistan. I also want that. I have to support my family morally in future. I can’t live without my parents and they will be in Pakistan forever. I belong to a rich family. My father runs his own business, and the name of the company is Bolder Sports. He exports motorbike leather and textile garments. My father is my sponsor; he earns a highly stable and healthy income. My father also has real estate properties worth millions to make sure that I should never face any problem. I may work part-time to learn the organizational culture as well and to have How to cite Study, Papers Study Free Essays Study Free Essays REVIEW QUESTIONS-3 1. What are project management processes? Give one example. 2. We will write a custom essay sample on Study or any similar topic only for you Order Now What are product-oriented processes? Give one example. 3. Why must a balance exist between project manage ment processes and product-oriented processes? 4. Describe the initiating processes. Give one example of an initiating process to support a particular phase of the IT project methodology. 5. Describe the planning process. Give one example of a planning process to support a particular phase of the IT project methodology. 6. Describe the executing process. Give one example of an executing process to support a particular phase of the IT project methodology. 7. Describe the controlling process. Give one example of a controlling process to support a particular phase of the IT project methodology. 8. Describe the closing process. Give one example of a closing process to support a particular phase of the IT project methodology. 9. Describe how the output of project management process groups in one phase becomes the input or catalyst for the process group in the next phase. Provide an example. 0. What is the difference between contract closure and administrative closure? 11. Describe project integration management and its relationship to the other eight Project Management Body of Knowledge areas. 12. Describe project plan development and its importance to the second phase of the IT project methodology. 13. Describe project plan execution and its importance to project plan development. 14. Describe overall change control and its importance to the project team. 15. What is the purpose of a project charter? 16. Why can a project charter serve as an agreement or a contract? 17. Why is a project charter a useful communication tool? 18. Why should the project charter and project plan be developed together? 19. How does the project charter support the project plan? 20. How does the project plan support the project charter? 21. Describe the project planning framework. 22. Why is it important that the project’s MOV be cast in stone. 23. Describe how the project’s MOV supports the development of the project’s scope, schedule, and budget. 24. What is a project’s scope? 25. Why should a project be divided into phases? 26. What is a deliverable? What is the relationship between phases and deliverables? 27. What is a milestone? Why are milestones useful? 28. What is a task? Provide three examples of some typical tasks in an IT project. 29. What impact can the sequence of tasks have on a project’s schedule? 30. How can resources impact the schedule of a project? 31. What is a baseline plan? What purpose does it serve once the project team begins to execute the project plan? 32. What is a kick-off meeting? What purpose does it serve? How to cite Study, Papers Study Free Essays Final Exam Study Guide Questions will come directly from this material Elements What are the seven elements of music and identify them; Tempo-(speed), Melody-(tune), Dynamics-(range), Rhythm-(beat), Form-(how its composed), Meter-(organization), Harmony-(flow) Composers Be able to give appropriate stylistic periods, identify major works as listed in the book for each and notable innovations (i. . – Bach was considered a master of the cantata form, Hildegard von Bingen wrote chant music) * Hildegard von Bingen- medieval/ O successors/ first woman composer * Mozart- Classical/ Don Giovanni/ He wrote masterpieces in his time * Beethoven- classical/ Symphony no. We will write a custom essay sample on Study or any similar topic only for you Order Now / influenced composers throughout the 19th century * Vivaldi- baroque/ The Four Seasons/ he was a violin teacher for a school for orphaned or illegitimate girls * Haydn- classical/ The creation/ he played a big role in improving the string quartet and symphony * Machaut- medieval/ Puis qu’en oubli/ first important composers whose works survived * J. S. Bach – baroque/ Concerto in No. 5 in D Major/ gave the harpsichord its first solo * Handel- baroque/ Messiah/ he wrote a number of brilliant operas * Brahms- nationalism/ symphony no. / he was a romantic that breathed new life into classical stylings * Schubert- romantic/ Erlkonig/ he didn’t mingle with aristocracy * Tchaikovsky- nationalism/ Romeo and Juliet/ most famous Russian composer * Dvorak- nationalism/ From the new world/ was a leading composer of nationalistic music * Verdi –nationalism/ Rigoletto/ was famous for his operas * Puccini- nationalism/ La Boheme/ created some of the most best loved ope ras * Schoenberg- 20+ Expressionism/ A survivor from warsaw/ developed the 12 tone system * Babbit- Gershwin – 20+/ Rhapsody in blue/ wrote jazz and orchestral works * Copland – 20+/ billy the kid/ famous American folklore composer * Joplin-20+/ ragtime music/ famous for ragtime music Styles Be able to describe and identify when each style/compositional technique was first developed * Chant- a flexible rhythm without meter and little sense of beat/ 600A. D. -1300 * Motet- polyphonic choral work set to a sacred Latin text / 1450-1600 * Madrigal- is a composition for several voices set in a secular poem/ 1562-1563 * Fugue- polyphonic composition based on one main theme / 1600-1750 * Oratorio- a large composition for a chorus / 1600-1750 Opera- is a drama that is sung to an orchestral accompaniment / – * Symphony- is an orchestral composition with 4 movements / – * String Quartet- is a composition for two violins, viola, and a cello / developed during the classical period * Jazz- music rooted and characterized by a syncopated rhythm/ 1900s * Impressionism- a style that stresses tone color/ 1800-1900 * American Musical- ? -? * Blues- flatted noted in a scale in early forms of jazz/ 1910 * Sonata- a instrumental composition in several movements for one to eight players/ – How to cite Study, Essay examples

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